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How to buy.

The best way to buy from us is to visit the shop. There are many reasons for this:
  • We always have work on display from between 40 and 50 local artists and makers. Not everything will be posted online.
  • Some work is best seen and appreciated ‘in the flesh’
  • Some work is fragile and we would not want to risk it via the postal service
  • We love to meet and get to know our customers.

We do however realise that this is not possible for everyone, and in this case we can offer a couple of options:
  • If you have seen something on a visit to the shop, on this website, or on our FaceBook page, and would now like to buy then email us with details, including your address, and we will get back to you to confirm availability, price and delivery options and costs.
  • As we continue to build this website we will add options for making purchases to the Guest Exhibitor page. Here you will find information about all our current Guest Exhibitors. Hovering over each entry will show information about the artist/maker. Where available, clicking on the entry will take you to further detail about that creative’s work and provide information on making a ‘distant’ purchase.